Marvelbet Terms and Conditions

These Marvelbet terms and conditions fully regulate the company’s activities and user actions on the website and in the mobile application. Each user should be familiar with this section in order not to violate the established rules and place bets safely and comfortably. Below you can read specific information about the rules of use for each of the sections.


The definitions set out below will determine the conditions under which access, use, and participation in any of the company’s services are regulated:

  • Depending on the context, “Marvelbet”, “we”, “our”, “us” will be used;
  • Any service provided by the site or another site managed by Welton Holdings Ltd will be referred to as the “Service(s)”;
  • When mentioning gambling, wagering, etc., the terms “Bet(s)” will be used;
  • If laptops, mobile phones, personal computers, portable devices, tablets, or PDAs are meant, the term “Device(s)” will be used;
  • Means any data file, computer program, or any other content that must be installed on your Device for full use and access to all the company’s services, the term “Software” will be used;
  • “Bookmaker” refers to a set of Internet games and Services available in the same section of the website.

These terms will be used on all sections of the Website related to any “play for real” provided by us Services.


After the registration process, as soon as you check the box next to the inscription “I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and I have read, printed, and accepted the MarvelBet.COM Terms and Conditions”, then click on the “SAVE AND CONTINUE” button, this will mean that you accept and confirm these Terms and Conditions of Use of the services provided on the official website of Marvelbet. This agreement between you and Marvelbet is legally binding.


The ability to make changes or update these Terms and Conditions at any time is our exclusive right. All changes and amendments will be published on the Website(s) and will take effect immediately from the moment of publication. At your own request, Marvelbet may notify you of changes in this section. However, such notification is not our direct responsibility. If you continue to use the Services of the Website, it means that you agree to make changes to the above section and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for independently checking any updates and modifications in the current Marvelbet Terms and Conditions.

Information and Intellectual Property

Any data that we provide to you or that you use through the Device(s) are the property of us, that is, Marvelbet and our licensors. And you can only use them for non-commercial and personal purposes. Such data and materials include:

  • Audio;
  • Texts;
  • Coefficients;
  • Statistics;
  • Video;  
  • Graphics;
  • Results, and much more.

Once you have accepted these Marvelbet Terms and Conditions, you are under an obligation not to:

  • Copy;
  • Sell;
  • Publish;
  • Pass;
  • Publicly use;
  • Modify, or otherwise distribute Information to other Websites without our written consent, except in cases provided in advance by us.

All Services provided, Websites, Software, etc. are copyrighted, are trademarks and intellectual property of Marvelbet and/or our licensors, and are fully controlled and regulated by us.

Conditions of Use

To use the Services provided by the Website(s), you agree to comply with the following conditions:

  • You will not use access to the Website(s), Service(s), etc. for purposes that are illegal under the laws of your country of residence, as well as for purposes that violate these Terms and Conditions;
  • You guarantee that you are not a resident of countries such as the Philippines, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, France, Singapore, the USA, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or others where gambling is prohibited by law;
  • You are aware of the risk of losing money when using the Services provided to you;
  • You do not deposit money received as a result of illegal, criminal, or unauthorized activities;
  • You are not engaged in the aforementioned activities and are not going to use the Services provided to you for such activities;
  • You do not provide another person with your data and account on the site for illegal, criminal, or unauthorized activities;
  • You are responsible for the security of your personal data, such as username, account number, phone number, and more;
  • If your privacy has been violated or data has been leaked, you immediately change your password and/or notify us of the incident;
  • You are responsible for any actions and use of any services on your behalf, regardless of whether such actions were known to you and whether they were authorized;
  • You are responsible for any third party using your registration data;
  • You do not perform any actions that may interfere with the functionality of the Website or Services or make it difficult for other users to access;
  • You do not request or attempt to obtain information belonging to other users;
  • You do not use any files, data, etc. that may affect the functionality of the Website, Services, Software, etc.
  • You guarantee that your actions and access to the Services are not illegal or prohibited by the laws of the country of which you are a resident or where you are currently located, or by law or contractual obligation relating directly to you;
  • You do not use devices, programs, software, and others that may harm the functionality of the Website;
  • You agree not to use artificial intelligence or other programs to harm Marvelbet or our users;
  • You do not collude with third parties or other players for the aforementioned purpose;
  • You do not use or transmit to other users through the Website or other Device information that is considered offensive, defamatory, pornographic, ethnically unacceptable, threatening, and considered criminally punishable or violates any law;
  • You do not interfere with the use of the Company’s Services by any other users;
  • You do not deposit money from a credit or debit card that you are not authorized to use, and you do not involve third parties to use such a card.

Registration and Opening Your Betting Account and Membership

In order to place bets and play at Marvelbet, you need to fill out an application for account opening and membership. The entire registration process takes place in the manner indicated on the Website(s).

By registering, you agree that all information provided by you when filling out the application is accurate and complete. These include:

  • Your name;
  • Sources of funds (bank cards or account numbers);
  • Email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Your residential address.

We undertake to take all possible measures to ensure that your personal information remains confidential, and will not disclose your personal data to anyone, except when applied in accordance with existing laws, court orders, law enforcement or gaming authorities, or if provided for by the Terms and Conditions of Marvelbet.

You are responsible for the following elements of cooperation:

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information;
  • You can open only one account in Marvelbet;
  • Responsibility for ensuring that the laws applicable to you do not prohibit the use of the Website Services, downloading and installing Software, etc.

In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, we have the right to:

  • Require identity and solvency documents to confirm your application;
  • Request confirmation of data by mail;
  • Conduct additional verification of any information provided by you;
  • Store, use, and process any information obtained as a result of checking your account;
  • To refuse the application without explanation;
  • If you have multiple accounts, we can treat them as a single one, close additional accounts, or delete all existing accounts.

Placement of Bets and Bet Acceptance Procedure

Marvelbet accepts bets on games, sports, or other events that are listed on the Website(s). All such bets are governed by the relevant Betting Rules and these Terms and Conditions. In case of an obvious mistake or if the wrong participant is specified for any event, all bets on this event are canceled. Similarly, all bets are canceled in the event of a failure of our gaming system, other technical problems, and fraud.

In this table, you can find the rights and obligations of Marvelbet and you for placing bets.

The right to reject all or part of the bid without specifying the reason;Do not accept bets in any other form, for example, by fax, e-mail, mail, etc., and cancel such bets regardless of their result;Consider the bet made only if your username and password are entered correctly, and if there is a sufficient amount of free funds in your account;We have the right to register all the bets you have made and enter them into the transaction log database;We have the right not to allow bets before the deadline set by Marvelbet or the start of the event, as well as bets for the time of placement of which the outcome of the event is known;We may also reject/cancel the aforementioned bets if, for any reason, such an event remains open for betting;Marvelbet has the right to accept bets “in-game” or “during a break” if this is permitted by the terms;We undertake to consecrate the result of an event or match on the day of its completion for betting purposes unless otherwise specified in the terms;We have the right not to recognize any subsequent request that may lead to the cancellation of the decision, and to leave the initial calculations on the rates;We have the right to cancel all bets if the venue of the sports event has been changed;We are obliged to sanctify the information about the winner of the game or event on the day of the end of the event in accordance with the provisions of the Betting Rules;We have the right not to recognize suspended games, or canceled betting decisions;We can calculate the bid only for the remaining valid selections if you have included an invalid selection in the expert bid;We have the right to cancel a bet or part of a bet if any error or failure leads to an incorrect coefficient, handicap, or line;We may, but are not obligated to contact you to place another bet with the correct odds, handicap, or line, after resolving the problem;We do not accept bets placed simultaneously on the same event.You are responsible for all transactions and actions performed using your registration data, regardless of whether you were aware of this action or not;It is your responsibility to ensure that the details of all your bets are correct;You are responsible for accepting and understanding the terms of the betting registration before confirming and placing a bet;You have the right to check all the details of your bids before placing them and handing them over to us;You do not have the right to cancel, revoke, or change an already placed and confirmed bid;You acknowledge that all odds, handicaps, and lines are subject to change until we accept a bet without prior notice;You are not allowed to place bets on the same event at the same time;You accept that Marvelbet’s decision regarding any bid and transaction is final;You have the right to place bets in Indonesian Rupiah, but for this, you need to exclude the last 3 zeros from the amount of the desired bet;You accept and understand that any bet must be a multiple of one thousand;You must register your request as an individual.

Settlement of Transactions

With regard to the settlement of transactions, the following aspects should be mentioned:

  • We have the right not to conduct a transaction in case of Name discrepancy with the name of the cardholder or account;
  • You are responsible for payments made through Marvelbet;
  • You undertake not to refund or cancel payments, and you will also be obliged to compensate for the damage caused by you to Marvelbet during such operations;
  • The maximum winnings that we can pay you for any accepted bet should not exceed 100,000 pounds;
  • At the same time, the maximum amount of each bet varies depending on its type, and may also change without prior notice;
  • We are not responsible for funds credited to your account by mistake, but we have the right to cancel any transactions related to such funds;
  • In the above-mentioned case, you are obliged to notify Marvelbet about the receipt of such funds to your account and have no right to use them;
  • You are also responsible for paying any taxes, fees, etc., established by the applicable legislation to you.

Collection of Winnings

The winnings from your bets are automatically credited to your account. Such winnings must be withdrawn in accordance with our withdrawal policy. At the same time, your winnings can be credited to your credit or debit card account, if the issuer allows it.

It should be remembered that all bank charges that we incur in connection with your transactions must be reimbursed by you.

Your account will be considered inactive if you have not used the services provided for 6 months or more. In this case, we have the right to charge administrative fees from your balance during the entire period of inactivity of your account. We may try to contact you via the phone number, email, etc., however, if this fails within 12 months from the date of identification of your account as “inactive”, then we have the right to cancel your account and account.

Links to External Websites

The Website(s) may contain links to other sites that are not supported by Marvelbet. However, we do not assume any responsibility for their contents and do not give any guarantees of the security or reliability of the information provided there. Marvelbet is also under no circumstances considered to be associated with such sites.

At the same time, you have no right to create any embedded links to any part of the Website(s), Services, etc.

Violations of these Terms and Conditions

We reserve the full right to use all legal means in case of violation of these Terms and Conditions. This also includes denial or restriction of access for any particular person at any time without prior indication of the reasons.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure is considered to be circumstances in which Marvelbet does not fulfill or delays the fulfillment of any obligations under the conditions:

  • Court orders;
  • Terrorist act;
  • Natural disaster;
  • Earthquake;
  • Flood;
  • War;
  • Rebel;
  • Changes in regulatory legal acts, etc.

Responsible Gambling

How to use Marvelbet, you have the opportunity to close your account yourself for a period of 7 or 90 days. During the selected period, it will not be possible to reopen the account before the expiration of the specified period. You can also request to close your account permanently. You can get detailed information on this issue by contacting us by e-mail at [email protected].

The conclusion

So, you have read the full list of these Marvelbet Terms and Conditions. Now you know your rights and obligations as a user of the Website(s), as well as the rights and obligations of Marvelbet. Now you can reject or accept the proposed conditions, in the case of the second becoming a full-fledged user of Marvelbet.